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Reliable, Uninterrupted & Safe Air-conditioning

At the height of a Perth summer or the depths of a chilly Perth winter night, one system becomes the focus of every homeowner’s world, the air-conditioning. Reliable, uninterrupted and safe air-conditioning units are a must for every Perth homeowner and you can trust Darren Hall Electrical to supply and install the best quality units in town. We are also happy to professionally install customer bought units as well.

We can assist with professional air-conditioning installations and upgrades in your home or office. We are fully licensed, experienced and professional. Be comfortable all year around with a split system air conditioning solution.

Air-conditioning services:

Benefit from the latest air-conditioning technology to assist with higher efficiency savings and lower electricity bills from running your new A/C unit.

Electrical upgrades:

Often the electrical switchboard in a home will benefit from a capacity upgrade if a new air-conditioning system is being installed, to cope with the additional power being distributed. Our experts can help with a professional installation which keeps your electrical supply both reliable and safe.

Amp upgrades:

Some air-conditioning units require a higher 15 amp socket than traditional appliances. For expert Split System air-conditioning installations and electrical upgrades call us today.