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Whether you’re replacing tired old or non-operational lights or wanting to install the latest high tech lighting solutions,our friendly team can handle your needs.

Our electricians are qualified electrical technicians are specialists across all lighting and LED maintenance
installations and servicing. We can maintain your existing lighting infrastructure with our preventative maintenance programs, regularly replacing lights/globes based on operational life-cycles. Ask us how we can help with your maintenance needs.

LED lighting in recent years has become considerably cheaper and efficient making it the preferred solution for new lighting installations. LED lighting can be as high as 6-7 times more energy efficient than standard incandescent globes, reducing energy consumption by up to 80% when compared to standard globes. LED lighting is mercury free and available in ‘cool’ white light which is ideal for task lighting, and ‘warm’ light commonly used for accent or small area lighting.

Other decorative lighting options include natural and daylight options, providing you with the most effective lighting solution for your specific requirements. Effective lighting is one of the best utilised options by architects and modern interior designers to showcase homes. The effective positioning and installation of LED’s both indoor and outdoor can highlight and create harmony and character for homes and businesses alike.

The right lights can make a big difference in how a space appears and the feeling it gives. Our team are highly experienced in helping
our customers choose the right lighting solutions. We are also open to any products or designs you may want and will work with you to
ensure the desired outcomes.