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Design and fitting the right systems for you

Going solar is an excellent way to save on the ongoing expense for your energy usage, whether at your home or commercial premises.
Western Australia is a prime location for obtaining significant cost savings from solar energy due the high average amount of daylight sunshine that the region experiences.

The Benefits of solar power and rooftop solar panels for Perth residents and businesses are:
• Dramatically reduce your monthly energy costs, in some cases with batteries power bills can be eliminated
• Improve resale value of your Perth property
• Solar panels create no pollution
• Low maintenance costs
• Energy security & reliability

It must be said that optimising and fitting the right system at your dwelling or business is crucial. We like to educate our clients and work with them for the best solutions possible. We have a vast knowledge of what is available on the market and also what technology
might be round the corner. This means you can design a system that will work with you and for you for years to come.

We work with local governments and councils or shires to ensure all appropriate paperwork is supplied and we abide by various regulations
in all jurisdictions.

We only supply quality parts and systems that will last and that have a proven warranty division and sound record.
Contact us to assist you with the best solar system size and configuration that will optimize the amount of saving that you can make.